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This reposted article is about the printing news outside Malaysia. How a team before launching what is called Pure Digital Show, what they asked people in the digital printing industry a simple question.

Why does digital print still represent less than 3% of all printing?

And the answer was quite simple. Because the creative industry is largely not aware of its amazing potential.

Despite all of the committed innovation, effort and marketing push from print technology companies, still, the creative industry tend to think that print is old, slow and unappealing.

When in fact digital printing is fast, flexible and highly creative.

Despite the relative maturity of digital printing, as an industry, we have not succeeded in inspiring the creative industry. Well not yet anyway.

There may be good of examples of companies that are creative and inspiring. But they are firmly in the minority. They are the ones that engage on a strategic level, that challenge their customers with new ideas, innovative applications and effective personalised solutions whether this is for retail, packaging, commercial print or décor.

But in the main, print companies just do not inspire their customers to demand innovative print.

As a result, the leaders in the market have commanded all of its value. Whilst the rest of the market is fighting over price. Print is commoditised. It’s a fact. But it doesn’t’ have to be this way.

Our mission with Pure Digital is to tip this fact on its head. We see a future where digital print is placed at the heart of the creative industry and integrated into a project at the point of creation. As a result, Pure Digital has a mission to regain prints rightful position as an agile, relevant and powerful media.

For far too long now, print service providers have been transactional. Printers over-focus on technology and production as opposed to igniting the imagination of their customers by selling the possibilities.

This is why digital print still represents a tiny percentage of the printing pie. This is the crux of the issue. But it isn’t about apportioning blame. Pure Digital is about inspiring action. This is a rallying cry to the print leaders in the market to step up and show the way. This doesn’t mean you have to be a big company, any future oriented print business is defined by the scale of their vision.

The Pure Digital Show is highly relevant whether you are a creative, designer, brand manager, digital printing manufacturer or a print service provider. Whatever and whoever you are – now is the time to get involved.

Some of you may question whether the creative industry cares about print? Yes, they do.


The retail world continues to transform into brand experiences and customised, localised production. In a world which is changing fast, increasingly digital printing has a huge role to play. Retail is transforming into a brand experience, POP Up retail is focusing on how to grab the attention of the consumer in places they will be as opposed to assuming the consumer will find what they want in shops with over 48,000 different SKU’s.

Packaging has become even more important as a method of protection and promotion. The brand has a greater opportunity to influence at the point of persuasion. The world has become short run, flexible and adaptable and digital printing is meeting this challenge.

Hoteliers, restauranteurs, and leisure brands are under pressure to create unique environments. To do this they have had to increase the frequency of installation, to meet growing demand for printing customised images which resonate locally. And only digital print can meet this need.

Marketers are starting to place a greater premium back onto the printed product as a tangible method of communicating content and connecting with new customers. But not print that is generic and inefficient, print that is focused and personalised. Print that can elevate short-lived digital messages into longer life-span messages and designs that have impact and has a higher retention value.

Today, print is not placed at the core of the creative process. It is still a tactical afterthought.

Pure Digital is an event that aims to address and solve this problem. The mission is to bridge this gap between the creative and the printer. To share the possibilities of digital printing, with the creative industry. Exhibiting companies show applications and the creative potential, supported by technology, but not defined by its features. Pure Digital is about highlighting the possibilities with applications from a strategic, creative perspective.

So why should print companies change? 

Because doing so will result in generating more profit. It is a simple equation. For some print companies, this requires a change in thinking in order to embrace a different approach.

So how could printers better meet the needs of creatives?

By understanding what it is that they need is the best place to start. As print companies, we need to be asking, how can we help to solve their creative problems?

Pure Digital is an event that will provide creative answers for print service providers as well as professionals from the creative, marketing and agency worlds.

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