About Our Large Format Printing (KL Shop)

Intro: Our purpose for Large Format Printing in KL (Malaysia) is to serve offices within @ Jalan Ipoh, Damansara Uptown, PJ & SS2.

We optimized ammonia blueprint, then digital B&W print, & now -large colour inkjet- for 30 years to resolve this question: “How can we make large format printing service cheaper, better, & more accessible by more Malaysians, in a smoother manner.”
-The superhero episode continues-

FAQ: Large Format Printing Services

Is large format printing price cheap in KL Malaysia?

We don’t want to save cost on large format color printing and deliver less to you. Meanwhile, we optimized cost & brought down prices for A1 Printing (Colour line & text drawings) – from RM70 to RM5. Imagine blueprint days of the 90s, to millennium digital print black & white, and in 2017 you enjoy inkjet colour for ALL your AutoCAD files.

Do you do banner printing or poster printing?

No, We do not do outdoor printing services. We handle office documents professionally. For outdoors, you might want to consider our poster printing service, and add-on lamination to protect it from weather. There is A0 A1 laminate for posters.

Is your A1 large format printing price list negotiable?

Yes, depending on how much colour your A1 drawings has, as ink is directly related to printing cost. You can customize price by quantity too.
Use the price list below for scan archiving reference:

Document Scanning SizesScanning Price List Malaysia
A1 Black & White (841 x 594 mm)30 page – RM90.00
A1 Colour (841 x 594 mm)20 page – RM120.00
A0 Black & White (1189 x 841 mm)Per page – RM6
A0 Colour (1189 x 841 mm)Per page – RM12
Where to print our large format printing service?

PJ shop at Damansara Uptown only does high-resolution glossy poster printing. For matte poster printing and featured A1 plan printing with minimal colour, please go to our Digital Printing Shop in KL, within Chow Kit monorail walking distance.

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