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how to print photos from computer malaysia kl printing guide

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This article has tutorials for printing & photography with a step-by-step Malaysian tutorial on how to print photos.

Printing photos from a PC using high-grade photo paper offers you fast immediately ready professional-looking photographs minus the trouble of using a printing service.

Jom, let’s explore!

Intro – How to print photos from computer

You can print photos on several types of paper that your printer uses (home printers do not print on very thick or super thin paper). Not surprisingly, photo paper delivers a glossy or premium matte finish suitable for scrapbooking, framed pictures and photo albums.

Photo paper is more pricey than normal printer paper; therefore, you want to be sure you are using the settings for your printer to give you the finest outcome.

What’s next now that I have a printer?

Select photo paper that matches your home printer. You will find photo paper in a variety of brands, textures and styles. Usually, you should use the photo paper recommended by the brand of your printer, because this will contribute to the best effects.

Choose photo paper from premium matte, satin or glossy photo paper, conditional on what style or theme of choice.

  • Glossy is decent for professional-looking photos
  • Use matte if you want photos for other projects such as scrapbook graphics.

How to configure printer settings?

Here’s the step by step guide to set your printer’s print settings for a better photo printing result. By giving instructions to your printer what style and type of photo paper that will be fed to the print input tray, then you can get a brighter and more solid vivid colour photograph.

  1. To do this, go to printer settings, usually under “Properties.”
  2. Click start menu, find “Control Panel” and click “Printer.”
  3. Right-click on printer and press on “Properties” or “Printer Properties.”
  4. Next, you can select your photo paper from a drop-down list as well as the quality of printing, which should be set at “Maximum DPI.” (or 300DPI, or at least 240DPI)
  5. Insert your photo paper into your printer with the directions on the packet. Depending on your printer type, you need to see if its glossy side up or down.
  6. Meanwhile, open the photograph file softcopy you want to print, and hit “Print.”
  7. Next, you will then see a pop up box of settings that allows you to choose settings for your picture, such as the size of the photo.
  8. Once you have complete selecting your settings, click “Done” or “Print,” depending on your printer model.

Print your pictures one at a time instead of bulk print. This is to ensure individually all are printed correctly. After each picture is printed, pick it up from the tray and place it face-up on the table until the colours dry fully.

Summary and tip on photo printing

Test photograph on a piece of normal 80gsm printer paper to be sure your printer is working properly or has enough ink to avoid wasting costly photo paper.

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