About Our Scanning Services

Capture accurate details on architecture plans, maps, blueprint drawings, large format documents with our newest data capturing scanner technology. Our Kuala Lumpur printing shop offers the highest quality OCR and highest resolution full colour large format scans – up to 110mm wide – AO plus size! Now is a good time to digitise those large format paper plans, drawings and maps that you kept in your archive room.

FAQ: Scanning Services

Do you do archiving & scanning?

Yes, such documents below are often digitized

  • CAD Plans
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Maps and plans scanning
  • A0 A1 size posters
  • Ammonia Blueprints
  • Legal Submissions and tenders
  • Environmental Reports
  • Oversized documents
  • Old Photographs
Convert to PDF format?

Digitize and store your plans, maps and drawings into digital files. We use new technology like the state-of-the-art HP PageWide 8000 printer that handles professional bulk scanning. ONE full A0 large format colour printing is done in a matter of seconds! Convert to PDF, JPG, PNG…

Is your scanning price list negotiable?

Bulk scanning services are usually customized by quantity.
Use the price list below as a reference:

Document Scanning SizesScanning Price List Malaysia
A1 Black & White (841 x 594 mm)30 page – RM90.00
A1 Colour (841 x 594 mm)20 page – RM120.00
A0 Black & White (1189 x 841 mm)Per page – RM6
A0 Colour (1189 x 841 mm)Per page – RM12

Large Format Scanning Services

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